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[DENIED] My application
Name:Liam Austin

Age: 16

Date of Birth: (14/06/2001)

What country do you currently live in?: UK

What is your timezone?:GMT

How many hours can you be active per day in an average?:5 hours through week, 13 hours maybe

Do you own a good quality microphone?: Yes
Do you own a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V?: Yes

Please provide your steam id64 number (17 digits): 76561198342660141

How long have you been playing on SevenN RP GTA servers?: 1 hour

Have you been in any other GTA IV/V community before, if so which ones?:no

Do you have any past experience as a police officer? If so please elaborate (min 100 words): N/A

Which Department are you joining?:
Blaine County Sheriff Department

Why do you want to become a police officer?:to maintain the players on the server

Why did you choose the department you did?:Sandy shores is a hostile area where most player seem to go

What skills, traits and attributes do you posses that would benefit the police department? (min 150 words):I am good at combat as well as talking to players in a calm way
to keep the peace.

Do you have any experiences in this field?: No

In your own words, what does the department you chose do? (min 100 words):Arrest people and keep the society clean and sensible

Tell us about your cop character, give a backstory (min 200 words):A Man willing to risk his life for others to keep his lovely town safe for the younger generation to grow
up in. He also wants the city to be free from all drug dealers.

Please tell us about yourself(Hobbies,Likes/Dislikes,etc...)Tonguelaying a variety of games

Are you fully aware of the Role-Play that needs to be used whilst being a member of the Law Enforcement?: Yes

Do you agree not to be a part of any other roleplay community law enforcement whilst serving as an officer here at SeveN RP?: I agree

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