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Name: First Last

Age: Current Age

Date of Birth: (DD/MM/Year)

What country do you currently live in?:

What is your timezone?:

How many hours can you be active per day in an average?:

Do you own a good quality microphone?: Yes/No

Do you own a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V?: Yes/No

Please provide your steam id64 number (17 digits):

How long have you been playing on SevenN RP GTA servers?:

Have you been in any other GTA IV/V community before, if so which ones?:

Do you have any past experience as a police officer? If so please elaborate (min 100 words):

Which Department are you joining?:
Los Santos Police Department
Los Santos Highway Patrol
Blaine County Sheriff Department

Why do you want to become a police officer?:

Why did you choose the department you did?:

What skills, traits and attributes do you posses that would benefit the police department? (min 150 words):

Do you have any experiences in this field?: Yes/No

In your own words, what does the department you chose do? (min 100 words):

Tell us about your cop character, give a backstory (min 200 words):

Please tell us about yourself(Hobbies,Likes/Dislikes,etc...):

Are you fully aware of the Role-Play that needs to be used whilst being a member of the Law Enforcement?: Yes/No

Do you agree not to be a part of any other roleplay community law enforcement whilst serving as an officer here at SeveN RP?: I agree/I disagree

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