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Law Enforcement Request
("ALERT" Maybe some bad english coming. "ALERT")

Name: Mikkel Soerensen (Sørensen)

Age: 14

Date of Birth: 20/11/03

What country do you currently live in?: Denmark

What is your timezone?: Gmt +1 Copenhagen

How many hours can you be active per day in an average?: As much as possible. I only go school once a week 2 hours because i had stress and is about to start up slowly again.

Do you own a good quality microphone?: I think so. (My friends telling me if it don't works and then i get it fixet)

Do you own a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V?: Yes!

Please provide your steam id64 number (17 digits): 76561198116577118

How long have you been playing on SevenN RP GTA servers?: Not that long.

Have you been in any other GTA IV/V community before, if so which ones?: No..

Do you have any past experience as a police officer? If so please elaborate (min 100 words): No. This is my first time as a officer on a rp server in FiveM. I have played a lot of DarkRP on Garry's mod but never on FiveM

Which Department are you joining?: Los Santos Police Department
Los Santos Police Department
Los Santos Highway Patrol
Blaine County Sheriff Department

Why do you want to become a police officer?: I wanna try it because it looks fun and then i have a chance to stop the crime and not help it get worse.

Why did you choose the department you did?: I chose the department i chose to help the existing officers holding the city clear from crime and all that.

What skills, traits and attributes do you posses that would benefit the police department? (min 150 words): Can't aswer that question..

Do you have any experiences in this field?: No

In your own words, what does the department you chose do? (min 100 words): The department i chose i trying holding all the crime away from the beautiful town. So that means Arresting robbers and car jackers and Stopping people there's speeding. They also help other people then they needs it like the one time i got shot. and officer drove me to the hospital after reviving me so i could get checked. I think that if u don't do anything stuppit the department are wery kind. (I always do something stuppid and getting cought.

Tell us about your cop character, give a backstory (min 200 words): Idk what backstory i should tell..

Please tell us about yourself(Hobbies,Likes/Dislikes,etc...): Sometime i don't understand then ur guys are telling me something first time but then i just need it one more time to understand it fully. And my english writing is wery bad but my english speak is much better and i'm training as hard as i can to be as good as posible both speaking and writing english. I promise that ur guys can understand me then im talking and can't find the right word at the moment. I just try explaining it at another way. I maybe have a dream about traveling to maybe England or just anywere where they speak english. Maybe i will try and live there with a bonus family in a year so i can go to school there? Idk that.. Im also only 14 years so i don't need to hurry takeing decisions to plan the rest of my life. I like riding my bike and do some tricks with it in my freetime as well as playing computer. I am a wery happy young boy that just want to have a fun life. Sometime i have some problems with my family and stuff like that. But then i find the easiest way to get away from everything is by riding my bike or play some computer with my friends. As i said i had stress wich hit me really hard on everything. I actually have asperger's syndrome so im fighting with that as well. Im not that good at telling about myself so sorry if i maybe missed some details about myself but as said im fighting with some problems so i have that in my head pretty much all time.. I know that it sounds like excuses but its just nice to know things like my aspergers and stuff like that. But if there is something that i have learned that is not to use problems as excuses because at the last end it just getting worse for myself. I don't think there is anything else i can tell u? I'm sorry that i could not fill in all fields but i tried.. A no on this request is okay since i don't know a lot. But one time have to be the first :/

Are you fully aware of the Role-Play that needs to be used whilst being a member of the Law Enforcment?:I think so.. I have played a lot of gmod rp and then i compare the sevenrp rules with the servers i play on on gmod some of the rules are actually nearly the same.

Do you agree not to be a part of any other roleplay community law enforcement whilst serving as an officer here at SeveN RP?: I agree!

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