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Fire Department application
In game name?:Joe wilson

Discord Name?: [B-124] Lt J. wilcox

Steam64 ID? ( Lt.JOE WILCOX

What department are you applying for?: Fire ddepartment

Have you applied for the LSMC or Fire Dept. before? If yes please link.:No

What is your age?: 18

How long have you been playing on SeveNRP?: yes

Why would you like to join the LSMC or Fire Dept?: I love firefighting and my dad was a chief for years. 

Tell us about your in game character.(50 words required at minimum, must be in character)

Joe Wilson is a loving and very kind family man. He recently was saved from a burning building and is roaring to become one of the brave men and woman who run into fires and save people. He will do just about anything to work as hard as he can to become one of the fine members of the Fire department.

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