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Police Officer Application
Name: Ethan Rivers

Age: 15

Date of Birth: (10/1/2002)

What country do you currently live in?: America

What is your timezone?: 

How many hours can you be active per day in an average?: 3 or 4

Do you own a good quality microphone?: Yes/No Yes

Do you own a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V?: Yes/No Yes

Please provide your steam id64 number (17 digits): 76561197996499830

How long have you been playing on SevenN RP GTA servers?: 2 Weeks

Have you been in any other GTA IV/V community before, if so which ones?: no

Do you have any past experience as a police officer? If so please elaborate (min 100 words):

Which Department are you joining?:Blaine County Sheriff Department
Los Santos Police Department
Los Santos Highway Patrol
Blaine County Sheriff Department

Why do you want to become a police officer?: Because i want to help stop crime and work in sandy shores for the police force

Why did you choose the department you did?:Because Sandy Shores is where i live and i want to protect and serve for my home town

What skills, traits and attributes do you posses that would benefit the police department? (min 150 words): I can catch criminals and save innocent people from being hurt or being placed under a false arrest. I am able to drive a motorcycle or a cruiser so any vehicle i am assigned i will be able to use. I have shooting practice do to my dad being in the military and him taking me to shoot so i would be able to hit targets that are dangerous with lethal weapons or Tasers. I have helped people in the past with small things and its always been a thing i wanted to do for a career. I have no illegal background with anything not even a speeding ticket. I want to help people and at the end of the day no that i have made my town a little safer

Do you have any experiences in this field?: Yes/No No

In your own words, what does the department you chose do? (min 100 words):
The Department i have chose was Blain County and they are there to protect and serve sandy shores and any nearby areas with criminals involved they make the town safe and help people who are in danger to live another day and put the criminals in jail. Blain County Sheriffs Department helps everyone who needs it and makes there town safe

Tell us about your cop character, give a backstory (min 200 words):
My Officers name is Blake Smith and i have two kids both boys one named Chris and the other is Andrew they are 13 and 14 both play football also my wife Mattyson who works in the hospital as a nurse i live in Sandy Shores and have sense i was a little kid my father was a Military vet and served over seas my mother died when i was six i had gone to two different colleges and learned how to do advanced engineering i later realized i didn't want to follow with that as my passion and decided i wanted to become a officer for the Blain County Sheriffs Department to protect like my dad did. Whenever my friends told me that i would be able to do it thats when i really tried to become a officer so i could help everyone and protect them.
Please tell us about yourself(Hobbies,Likes/Dislikes,etc...):

I like to watch Football on the weekends also i play this game on my computer called FiveM on a server called SeveN RP to play a role play of real life i spend time with my kids going to the park and Arcade.
Are you fully aware of the Role-Play that needs to be used whilst being a member of the Law Enforcement?: Yes/No yes

Do you agree not to be a part of any other roleplay community law enforcement whilst serving as an officer here at SeveN RP?: I agree/I disagree i agree

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